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95 Catechism Questions & Answers

Download the 95 Catechism Questions & Answers.

Sacred Heart Enthronement

Sacred Heart EnthronementJesus promised St. Margaret Mary Alacoque that He “will bless the home in which the image of my Sacred Heart shall be exposed and honored.” For the month of June Father Libby has set aside time to do the Sacred Heart Enthronement at your home. Please select a time on the booking grid and fill in the information that is requested. Once you complete the reservation you will receive an email with the three days of preparation prayers confirming your enthronement time. The enthronement will take less than an hour to complete. If for some reason you need to cancel you can do that through the confirmation email or by calling the office at 231-228-5429.

Right to Life Golf Outing

The Men’s Holy League group is putting together teams for the 19th Annual Life Links Golf Outing. The outing will be held on May 26, 2016 at The Wolverine Course at the Grand Traverse Resort. The cost is $130.00 per player and includes golf, dinner, lunch, door prizes and more. Registration is at 11:30 a.m. and 4 person scramble Shotgun start is at 1:00 p.m. All proceeds go to our local Grand Traverse Area Right to Life. If you’re interested in golfing contact John Hitt at 810-730-7013.

24 Hours for the Lord

We are answering the call of Pope Francis to have 24 hours of Adoration and Confession during Lent. Begins Friday, March 4th at 4 pm and ends Saturday, March 5th at 4 pm before the Vigil Mass. Adoration and Confession will take place in the church (no adoration during mass times and Stations of the Cross). Area priests will be taking shifts to hear confessions during the 24 hours.

The confession schedule is as follows…

Friday, March 4th
4:00 pm – Fr. Tony
5:00-5:30 pm – Fr. Tony
5:30-6:30 pm – Fr. Michael
6:30-7:15 pm – First Friday Mass – No Confession
7:15-8:30 pm – Fr. Libby
8:30 pm – Fr. Michael
9:00 pm – Fr. Michael
10:00 pm – Fr. Libby
11:00 pm – Fr. Libby

Saturday March 5th
12:00 am – Fr. Libby
1:00 am – Fr. Libby
2:00 am – Fr. Libby
3:00 am – Fr. Libby
4:00 am – Fr. Libby
5:00 am – Fr. Libby
6:00 am – Fr. Libby
7:00 am – Fr. Zeljko
8:00 am – Fr. Zeljko
9:00 am – Fr. Zeljko
10:00 am – Fr. Zeljko
11:00 am – Fr. Libby
12:00 pm – Fr. Libby
1:00 pm – Fr. Pablo
2:00 pm – Fr. Pablo
3:00-4:00 pm – Fr. Pablo

Fr. Mark Lawler’s Dissertation on G. K. Chesterton

On Wednesday, January 13th, we were blessed to hear a talk at Holy Rosary given by Fr. Mark Lawler on author G. K. Chesterton. You can listen or download the talk below.

Download Talk [128 MB] (Right-click to save to your computer)

Chapel Subs Needed through January 2016

Adoration Chapel Substitutes needed the next 6 weeks:

WEEK Beginning Dec. 20 – CHRISTMAS WEEK:
Mon. Dec. 21 – 5am-6am
Wed. Dec. 23 – 1am-2am
Fri. Dec. 25 – 7pm-8pm

WEEK Beginning Dec. 27 – NEW YEARS WEEK:
Mon. Dec. 28 – 10pm-11pm
Wed., Dec. 30 – 1am-2am
Thur. Dec 31 – 1am-2am
Thur. Dec. 31 – 2am-3am
Fri. Jan. 1 – Mid-12:30am
Fri. Jan. 1 – 5am-6am
Fri. Jan 1. Noon-1pm
Fri. Jan. 1 – 11pm-Mid
Sat. Jan. 2 -11pm-Mid.

WEEK Beginning Jan. 3:
Sun. Jan. 3 – Mid-1am
Mon. Jan. 4 – 3am-4am
Mon. Jan. 4 – 10pm-11pm
Tues., Jan. 5 – 1am-2am .
Tues., Jan. 5 – 4am-5am
Wed. Jan. 6 – 1am-2am
Thurs. Jan. 7 – 5am-6am.
Fri. Jan. 8 – 8am-9am
Sat. Jan. 9 – 5am-6am
Sat. Jan 9 – 8am-9am
Sat. Jan 9 – 9am-10am
Sat. Jan. 9 – 10am-11am

WEEK Beginning Jan. 10:
Sun. Jan. 10 – 3-4:30pm
Mon. Jan. 11 – 3am-4am
Tues. Jan. 12 –1am-2am .
Tues. Jan. 12 – 4am-5am
Wed. Jan. 13 – 1am-2am
Wed. Jan. 13 – 5pm-6pm
Thu. Jan. 14 – 5am-6am
Fri. Jan. 15 – 11pm-Mid
Sat. Jan. 16 – Mid-1am

WEEK Beginning Jan. 17:
Sun. Jan. 17 – 3-4:30pm
Mon. Jan. 18 – 3am-4am
Mon. Jan. 18 – 4am-5am
Mon. Jan. 18 – 10pm-11pm
Tues. Jan. 19 – 1am-2am .
Tues. Jan. 20 – 4am-5am
Wed. Jan 21 – 1am-2am
Thurs., Jan. 22 – 5am-6am
Sat. Jan. 23 – 10am-11am

WEEK Beginning Jan. 24:
Sun. Jan. 24 – 3-4:30pm
Mon. Jan. 25 – 3am-4am
Mon. Jan. 25 – 10pm-11pm
Tues. Jan. 26 –1am-2am .
Wed. Jan. 27 – 1am-2am
Thu. Jan. 28 – 5am-6am .
Fri. Jan. 29 – 11pm-Mid
Sat. Jan. 30 – Mid-1am

– PLEASE consider helping out by taking an extra hour or two.
If you can substitute,
please call Dosie Kermode: (First) 231-632-7834
Gayle Jackson: 231-228-2024 (h) / 734-476-2631 (c)
Trina Pleva: 231-228-5649 (h) / 231-835-1188 (c),
Carol Tondreau: 231-590-5598 (c) or
Carole Jones: 231-633-2111 (c) — Thank You!

Also – if you do find your own substitute for your time(s), let Dosie know who would be covering your shift. We keep our regular adorers and substitutes informed of weather related closings.


– Each week these shifts have to be filled.

Sun. 3-4:30pm

Mon. 3am-4am

Mon. 10p,-11pm

Tues. 1am-2am

Wed. Mid-1am .

Wed. 1am-2am

Thur. 5am-6am (thru 5-12-16)

Thur. 10pm-11pm .

Thur. 11pm-Mid .

Fri. 1pm-2pm

Fri. 11pm-Mid.

Sat. Mid-1am

Sat. 11am-Noon

Feast of St. Nicholas

Holy Rosary had a special visitor yesterday morning on the Feast of St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas

Rome Pilgrimage Photo Gallery

Here are a few pictures from the Rome Pilgrimage that Father Libby wanted to share. Click on any photo to view larger and activate the slideshow.

Power of Attorney Information (Updated!)

Here are the updated documents that Father Libby mentioned in the announcements.


Michigan POA Healthcare

Children’s Chant Camp – August 10-14, 2015

An exciting event at Holy Rosary this August…

Chant Camp 2015

Official Chant Camp Flyer

Children’s Chant Camp Registration Form

Diocese of Gaylord Medical Release Form

For more information and to register please contact Kirsten Trudeau at 231-256-0036 or gregorianchantkirsten@gmail.com

Statement on SCOTUS Marriage Decision from Most Reverend Steven J Raica

A statement from the Most Reverend Steven J. Raica, Bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord…

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court to redefine marriage has created a dramatic outcome that is both surprising and yet not surprising. It is surprising in the sense that the definition of marriage can somehow be determined by legislative, administrative or judicial fiat, reducing the magnificent institution of marriage to subjective criteria of individuals and the powers that be. It is not surprising in the sense that a consensus has been slowly and deliberately building in society to deconstruct the very elements and foundations of marriage.

Marriage, at its very heart, has some concrete factors determined by nature and acknowledged historically as a foundation for the building up of the individual and becoming a cornerstone of society. It is based on the diversity of one man and one woman who make a covenant or pact for the whole of life for the purpose of generating and educating offspring. It began to unravel with the advent of “no-fault” divorce and thereby deconstructing a relationship for the whole of life. It further unraveled with the prevalence of contraceptives and the legal availability of abortion so that generating offspring would be detached from the marriage relationship. Now, through a vote of the Supreme Court Justices of the United States, the requirement of one man and one woman has been modified. The whole definition of marriage, as we have understood it, has been effectively undone. In the civic sphere, it will now be left to the forces that be to define and redefine it according to prevailing trends.

Our Christian and Catholic faith, rooted in Jesus Christ, has affirmed the original and unchanging foundation of the definition of marriage rooted in the truth of nature (cf. Mt 19:4-6; Mk 10:6-9). No person is competent to change or alter that definition without disrupting the quintessential beauty of an institution that has withstood the test of time and, I might add, goes beyond the establishment of our nation or even our Church. It was established at the time of creation as part of the design of God.

Another purpose of marriage is that children who are born into the stability of a relationship can know their mother and father – from whence they came – as a fruit of conjugal love.

I ask and urge the faithful of the Diocese of Gaylord to study, understand and promote the value of marriage as intended by the Creator, in all of its radiant splendor, regardless of laws, trends or civil pressures.

Our conversation about this very central institution of society will continue on all levels so that the sanctity of marriage, as understood in our faith tradition, can shine forth for the good of children and all.

The Diocese of Gaylord, through our programs and teachings, will continue to foster the truth of marriage as grounded in our faith.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Steven J Raica
Bishop of Gaylord

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