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Consuming the Word

Father Libby started his series of talks about Scott Hahn’s new book, Consuming the Word, this past Sunday. Classes are every 4th Sunday after the 8:00 AM Mass starting at about 9:20 AM. If you missed the first class, you can download the notes below. Class Notes from 1/26/2014 Copies of the book are available […]

Interior Church Work Update 1/31/14

Daily Reflection – David’s Sin

Today we hear the great (or not so great) and famous story of David’s sin. It is where we get that phrase (which I think is the theme for the men’s conference in Traverse City this year) “You are that man!” when God reacts to the sin through the prophet Namaan. From God’s perspective, the […]

Daily Reflection – St. Martina

The sacrifice of those first roman martyrs was so intense-taking on an empire with the love of Christ. Asked to offer incense to false Gods. Many like St Martina had good lives good upbringings, wealth, suitors for marriage, but they gave them all up in this act of offering for Christ rather than false gods. […]

Daily Reflection – St. Francis de Sales

When St Francis de Sales was born his mother was only 15 (13 or 14 then at marriage?). At the age of eight he went off to college (at which time he received confirmation and first communion-same time we do), at nine he received the tonsure (as even then he was set at consecrating himself […]

Daily Reflection – St. Peter of Nolascus

God tells us in the gospel (Lk 12:32-34) to make bags which will not grow old-bags for heaven. That we, as the apostles were, St Paul says in the epistle, are ‘as men appointed for death’ and thus should be geared around doing activities for our true birth into heaven. What should those activities be? […]

Daily Reflection – St. Angela Merici

“The Kingdom of heaven is taken by violence” St Luke tells us in one place in his gospel. And we hear in the 1st the stronghold of Zion, the City of David, Jerusalem, by force. Finally we see in the gospel of the day that ‘no one can enter a strong man’s house to plunder […]

Daily Reflection – Conversion of St. Paul

“Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?” Jesus asked Saul from heaven at the moment of his conversion. The identity of Christ with His body, the Church, is evident from this passage. It should give us pause. It means that our sins are directly impacting Christ and His Church now, not just in the once […]

Interior Church Work Update 1/24/14

Daily Reflection – St. Francis de Sales

“God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation” the antiphon for the alleluia verse says today. Many times we get the wrong message in a situation. Or we receive the wrong message in an email or letter. Or we give the wrong message when we are […]

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