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Father Libby will be sharing daily reflections for the Mass of the day. Enter your email on the right to receive updates when new reflections are posted.

Daily Reflection – Wednesday of Passion Week

This condescension of God in becoming man is not only amazing in the love He has for us in becoming like us but also in the invitation that He gives to become like Him. We hear this in the gospel where, at the risk of being stoned to death Jesus coaxes the pharisees to realize […]

Daily Reflection – Nothing happens by chance

Poor unsuspecting Habakuk. There, minding his own business, eating some porridge, and the next thing he knew, was being picked up by an angel of God, by the top of his head, by the hair of his head and transported to a different country to give someone else, Daniel, his lunch, amidst seven hungry lions. […]

Daily Reflection – Meditation on the Passion

The reading from Wisdom Ch 2 speaks for itself. It is an entire meditation on the passion that is so important for this time of year. Amazing that this was all prophesied ahead of time (which is of course what prophecy is). The wicked said among themselves, thinking not aright: “Let us beset the just […]

Daily Reflection – St. Francis of Paula

You and I can take the place of the blind man for our meditation today and imagine that Jesus has, for no other reason than His love for us, decided to heal our blindness. The blind man didn’t ask to be healed, he didn’t even know Jesus, but once healed he was strengthened enough to […]

Daily Reflection – Friends with God

No homily today—April Fool’s! In fact one of the most important messages we could ever try to understand. We forget at times how blessed we are to live in the age of the Church, where we have not just Moses to intercede for us, but this man Jesus, the New Moses, who suffered all we […]

Daily Reflection – Humility

Humility. A deep, profound, humility is what Our Lady of Grace transmits to us through the Feast of the Annunciation. Let it be done unto me according to your word. Her Son would echo these words years later in the Agony of the Garden-‘not my will but thine be done’. Humility is one of the […]

Daily Reflection – Envy

In his commentary on this gospel St Ambrose tells us that it is about envy. The pharisees had such spite against Christ that they even took it out on their neighbors-they didn’t want a fellow citizen to have any thing good, or any gift that they didn’t have. When we are envious of a spiritual […]

Daily Reflection – Feast of St. Joseph

So the glorious feast of St Joseph has come around again and we are challenged as we always are this day to emulate this great saint in his virtuous life. What have we done with our lives in this last year? Have we treated Our Lady with the respect and devotion that St Joseph did? Men, have we […]

Daily Reflection – Age quod agis.

The great challenge that we are given today is to ask ourselves, ‘do we do things only to be seen by men?’ Do our good works start or stop depending upon other people’s reactions or the lack thereof? Our Lord was telling the people today that even if their priests were really bad examples they should uphold, respect […]

Daily Reflection – Longing or Hunting

This is one of the first major confrontations that Jesus has with the Jews leading up to the end. He essentially calls them out saying they are in mortal sin. St Augustine says it this way: “two classes [of men] sought Him, they that loved [Him], and they that hated Him; the one because they […]

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