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From the desk of Fr. Libby

Follow the link for a video Fr. Libby recommends watching:

The red box contains relics that were put in the altar from St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, Blessed Seelos, and the 4 Evangelists. 

Click on the link to see the video of Father's presentation of the stained glass windows.

Recent Photos...

A rainbow after the storm...

J.R.R Tolkien's parish on the 50th anniversary of his death. 

The demolition has begun...
"It's hallow under the stairs! They said that is quite old-fashioned. Rebar but very sturdy."

Happy 140th Anniversary

A Cautionary Tale: New Federal Regs Threaten Pro-Life Employers - CatholicVote org

Click to see pictures from the Proposal 3 Prayer Rally with the Bishop and Father Libby

Special release... The tree across the street is an apricot tree! But get this— it has a mulberry tree growing right through the middle of it! Both are yielding fruit at the moment!

Click for Corpus Christi Photos

Congratulations to our 2022 graduates!!


May Crowning


The Easter Fire

Welcome to our new members

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